Monday, 9 June 2014

random as post which probably makes no sense!

yes, I am still alive.
barely. :-)
I have decided not to finish the Florence Nightingale thing, or else I would probabaly going to just repeat my self over and over again. sorry. you can read about her on Wikipedia if you want though.
so that was the quick post and the update is what follows;
As many of you know, my mum got pneumonia, and was in hospitial. That cut short my stay in Tasmania which I am very sorry about......
But Mum is better and is at home now. She was going to go to church today, but as she was getting ready her blood pressure went sky-high.
Sorry. I know I have a bad habit of saying the most randomest things and the randomest times, don't I? (Well, why is this blog called Random?)
We have been seriously busy over here..... well not too busy. The days seemed jam-packed though. phones ringing (*groan*) school work (*groan*) reading awesome books (such as, What I Learned in Narnia bu Douglas Wilson (it is a really great book!) and The Dragon's Tooth by N.D. Wilson (one of the best books EVER!!!!) and other random chapters of books) planning and planning to do posts on Random, but then forgetting what they were when I get on the computer..... jk.... that is so totally me! :-)
Today is a great day in history.......
It is 365 days (exactly. I counted.) that my life changed. I met one of the awesomest families in the whole wide world...... make that the universe. :-)
Anyway..... the rest of this post is going to be quotes, and the like!