Saturday, 26 April 2014

ANZAC Day 2014

Yesterday was the day that we remember the 20,000 New Zealanders and Australians landed on the shores of Gallipoli, 99 years ago.

Here are some photos from the parade that happened in Hobart, Tasmania.
3rd Lighthorse Regiment Reenactors
L-R: Nurse Jemimah Davis (with Rescue Dog, Douglas), Cadet Joseph Davis, Sargent Nev, Trooper Sam,
Trooper Mark, Trooper Martin, Trooper Sam Downes, Trooper Josh Downes, Nurse Sarah (with Rescue Dog, Bootz) Trooper, David, Nurse Charmagne Downes

Nurse Charmagne Downes  and Trooper Josh Downes

L-R: Sargent Nev, on Magnus, Trooper Martin, on Pablo and Trooper Mark on Bella

Nurse Charmagne Downes

Cadet Joseph Davis

Trooper Geoff Downes

Troopers Sam Downes and Josh Downes

Sargent Nev (on Magnus) Trooper Martin (on Pablo) Trooper David (on Gaza) Trooper Tony (on Noddy) and Nurse Charmagne Downes (on Haley)

Hobart Cenotaph 

Troopers Tony, Sam Downes, Geoff Downes, Josh Downes, Sargent Nev Thomas,
 Nurse Charmagne Downes, Trooper Davis

Troopers Philip (on Princess) Sam Downes, (on Jabez) Tony (on Noddy) and Nurse Charmagne Downes (on Haley
Trooper Josh Downes and Nurse Charmagne


  1. Great photos! It was so much fun, regardless of the super early morning get-up, freezing dawn service, and the long walks!

    1. Oh, Abi! Don't remind me! At least we got warmish back at the Powder Mag. And didn't die of not sleeping.

  2. Good thing It wasn't the parade today!! I love the photos!!

    1. Thank you, Han. But you would of loved it in the Dawn service! Great weather, and you get to wake up early!

    2. Thanks Kaity! I'm REALY missing you and grace. Please poke Grace and yourself for me.

  3. Fantastic photos, Kaity!! That was SO much fun… I can't wait until next year!
    Love the photo of Josh & Mainie, so sweet!

  4. Neat photos!! I'm really glad you got to be in Tassie for ANZAC Day, it looks like you had a lovely day. :)

    1. Thank you. It was a very interesting day. Freezing cold, clambering up stone walls, poking people.....

  5. And well done on naming everyone…. that's no small task!!

  6. Wow! Neat post Kaity! I've really missed you:-)

  7. Wow! that's so cool! Brisbane's parade was great too! :D


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