Sunday, 24 May 2015

Hey guys, +Abi Davis and I are going to put together a YouTube video of just random things, just going to try to brighten people's day by our idioticy... :) So.... we were kinda wondering if you could give us questions/dares to do...? Cause we have no idea what to do first... So if possible, if you have questiony-things, you can comment them down below or email me... if you have my email. You can question us anonymously too, if you want. :) We don't need to know who you are all the time.... If they're really personal, though, we may not answer them... So please comment and ask us nearly anything... :)

And also, a really cute gif just because
I am so going to have a dog like that!


  1. Hey Kaity! :-)
    I've left some questions on Abi's blog

  2. Best thing you've done together since Kaity came to Tasmania?
    Thing you miss most from NZ?


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