Saturday, 9 March 2013

Award Stuff

Here is my award poster thing:

Okay, here is the things for my blog award.

1) You must post 11 facts about yourself
2)You must also answer the 11 Qs. that the awarder has given you to answer,
3) Create 11 questions for your award-people to answer.
4) Tag 11 fellow bloggers and notify them to tell them that you've awarded them
5) No Tagging back
6) The 11 blogs that you tag must have less than 200 followers

11 Facts about Myself:
1) I love Chocolate
2) I learn flute
3) I love to read
4) I'm a Christan
5) I don't like sewing
6) I've got 10 siblings
7) I like baking
8) I like outdoors
9) I'm afraid of heights
10) I like the old films
11) I hate living in town

Questions I'm asking:
1) Do you enjoy stargazing?
2) What's your favorite band/singer/group?
3) Are you afraid of heights?
4) If you could choose one of these, which one would you choose? 1. Skiing 2. Surfing 3. Bungee Jumping.
5) Which would you choose to live in:  Africa, Asia, North America, South America, Antarctica, Australia, Europe?
6) Do you have a Apple, Dell, Hewlett-Packard (HP), Asus, Acer, Sony, Lenovo, Toshiba, Alienware, Samsung or none of these?
6) What is your favorite vegetable?
7) Have you met your Great-Aunt?
8) What is your favorite video?
9) Are you allergic to anything?
10) Do you get Creation Magazine?
11) Have you got a Facebook account?   

Questions Miss Margaret Dashwood
If you could choose to live in one era other than today, when would it be and why? 
1800's in USA. Because I like the Old West.
What is a Bible verse (or verses) that has particularly challenged and/or encouraged you lately? I've been encouraged my the words: 'When I am afraid, I'll put my trust in Thee'. 
Do you prefer hot chocolate, tea or coffee or none of these? Hot Chocolate 
What is your favourite musical instrument? Flute
If you were to write and publish a book/direct a movie, what would you call it and what would it be about? Um.. the one I'm writing tight now is about the Old West and it's called the Imposter.
What is your favourite subject/hobby/pastime? Reading
Do you think you are an introvert or an extrovert or a mixture of both? Introvert
What is a name you really like? Trixie
Is there a book you once read which you couldn't put down until you had finished it? Trixie Belden books and the Accidental Detective Mysteries.  
Do you have a favourite hymn and why is it your favourite? Christ Shall have Dominion. It tells that Jesus will (and is) rule everything.  
Is there some way that the Lord has been working in your life recently that you want to share? By Dad dying. It really strengthened me How? I don't know.

11 Questions that Daisy Asked: 
1. If you could travel to one country right now, where would you go?
Ireland, any day.

2. What are your favourite blogs?,, ,

3. How do you celebrate the beginning of summer?  
Yell and scream: "Summers here finally! No more being kept up inside!"  
4. What is your favourite colour? 
5. What is your favourite worship song or hymn? 
Praise God, My Soul!
6. What is your favourite old movie? 
7. If you had to take only 3 things with you to a desert island, what would you take?
Bible, a 1000 litre bottle of water, instant food
8. What is your favourite kind of celebration (weddings, Christmas, birthdays etc.)?
 New Years
9. If you could choose one era to live in, when would you live, and why? 
1900s I would of liked to help in the Wars
10. What is your favourite animal?
11. If you had only 1 day left to live, what would you do? 
Visit all my friends and go to Ireland

People I'm tagging:


Slán go fóill 

P.S. If you have a blog, but it's for a special purpose, you can put your answer in the comments. Or even if you don't have a blog, post it in a comment!

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