Sunday, 10 March 2013

Family Camp 2012-2013

These Photos are from Family Camp that we went to end of last year beginning of this year, for a week.

On the way.  
Hill with a cloud

Desert Road 
Lake Taupo 

Mount ?
Whoa, skin to the middle. 
A person going down the water slide  

   Couldn't resist adding this one of Solomon Woldron. 
Bad thing about the lake, whenever you are swimming in it, you have to have a life jacket. 

Cute little girl. 

Hannah and her little sister, Lydia. 

Huge Water Slide

Kelia Minnee, William Minnee, Solomon Woldron, and my brother, Jed 

Jed, I think

Jed hits the water!

Danielle vanderZwagg

In the huge covered sports room

Anna Huizinga and others 

Anna, Josh and Samantha

Zane Durrant, I think


Anna you can tell me to remove this if you want.

Ione Stuart

Anna with Iris and Josh

A study of spoons:

Jessica vanderZwagg's foot



Jessica and Grace

I love this photo!

You should see the video of this! Kelia screams as she goes down

From the top of the water slide

Laura (not me) going down sitting on the boggie board

Jed I think.

 It was quite fun. I hope we go this year as well!

Slán go fóill 


  1. That does look fun! Especially the loooong waterslide - how many times did you go down? I love the landscape photos too :) I'm hoping to get a new camera soon, so I can get back to photography.

  2. opps, sorry readers, that some of the photos are on the side!


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