Thursday, 21 May 2015

Anzac Day 2016.. and minions

((((I feel like I have neglected Random, but I am not now... here's another random post for your (hopefully) enjoyment!))))
New Zealand is now not where I live any more! :'( My new location is Franklin, Tasmania. Which isn't as bad as the mainland, but still... people have Aussie accents here. No Kiwi, no American, just variations of Aussie. Including my Kiwi sister who has a slight Aussie accent. Kiwi people, you need to move here... Anyway. Anzac Day was so much jolly fun! Even the 3am start and being on your feet for nearly 12 hours straight part was fun. Oh, and the freezing morning (well, really whole day) where you wish you could just climb into a furnace. And people wanting photos. 

all of the Lighthorse and nurses in the parade
Afterwards though, we went and (sorta) stuffed ourselves on chocolate and other sweet things. Last year, Abi and I were taking photos, but this year we were upgraded to nurses. The dog-leading nurses. Well, actually being-led-by-dogs. Even though we were dragged around by Douglas, we managed to keep them under control. Sorta. :)
Anyway, it's been awesome here. (Just the Aussie accents ;-P) and "catching up" with amazing friends. Cold. Colder than what I'm used to... Where we are is about level with Christchurch in NZ, which is way lower than what we used to be. Oh well, will have to get used to it. And then go and fry in Hawaii every couple of years. ;)
Okay, I just have to put these in:

(Sister: This is why we don't line dance at our dances)

Okay... enough minions.... (but they're so funny and cute!!!!)
I'll go too with my beloved minions.... bye!

I'm crazy but....


  1. Aussie accents....ugg. Cold, does it snow there...if so I am jealous!
    Minions!!! :-) I so agree with the one when a woman says What? The one about sharing the umbrella is so cute and true. They are all so sweet.
    Do you talk to yourself?

    1. How rude, Jessica! I like their accents!!!

    2. Jessica, yes i do talk to myself :) Who doesn't?
      Aussie accents aren't very nice tho....

    3. Me rude...ummm just maybe. I don't even think I know you!? Its more their terrible English.

      Kaity I have never heard you talking to yourself and I stayed with you for weeks. Don't ask me who doesn't. :-p

    4. Ik you have, but I stilll talk to myself... well not to myself but to a really great friend in my head... lol.... (I'm seriously loopy, huh?)


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