Saturday, 21 March 2015

My Bucket-List...

  1. Get a office chair in a lift and wait for it to fill up and then turn around and say “I’ve been expecting you,”
  2. Skinny dip in a river
  3. Go diving into underwater caves
  4. Dive to the remains of the Titanic
  5. Dress up in Jedi attire and walk around a big city
  6. Get a couple of friends and have shopping cart races in the aisles
  7. Buy a 5 blocks of each type of Cadbury’s chocolate
  8. Stand in front of a boys high school giving away kisses (Hersey’s)
  9. Shout the cashier at MacDonald’s out
  10. Cut a girls hair while she’s asleep
  11. Climb to the top of the Empire State Building and sing “Top of the World” by Imagine Dragons
  12. “Borrow” a friend’s car for the day/week
  13. Dress up as Santa and have an argument with the Santa in the mall on who is the real Santa
  14. Hack into friends emails and send out random emails to people (aka guys)
  15. Do an all-nighter watching all the Hobbit, Lotr and Star Wars in one go
  16. Go to the movies for the first time on my first date
  17. Photobomb some random people
  18. Put clingwrap over a toilet seat
  19. Dress up as a statue in some mall
  20. Chase a rainbow till I fall off the face of the earth
  21. Dress my toddler son as Yoda
  22. Give out a t-shirt, bar of chocolate and money to homeless people
  23. Own a boys home
  24. Marry the man I love
  25. Cut a bunch of my hair off for cancer patients
  26. Meet Anthem Lights and One Direction in real life
  27. Bungy jump
  28. Tramp into the wop-wops for 10 days
  29. Travel Europe
  30. Live in Lithuania for at least 2 months
  31. Find a cave behind a waterfall and live in it for a week
  32. Photobomb Pope Francis
  33. Make a lot of people happy
  34. Meet all my favorite authors
  35. Go around New Zealand on a motorbike with my boyfriend/fiancé/husband
  36. Meet all my favorite people in real life
  37. Be in the cockpit of a 747 while it’s flying
  38. Dance in the middle of the street with my boyfriend/fiancé/husband, while it’s raining
  39. Cuddle under a blanket with my husband and watch a thunderstorm
  40. Missionary to Lithuania
  41. Climb up to the clouds
  42. Sky dive
  43. Splat on the face of the earth
  44. Make a movie of the Soulkeepers by GP Ching
  45. Own a Friesian horse
  46. Write a letter to the NZ troops in Iraq thanking them
  47. Play bubble soccer
  48. Get a ute and take it to the top of a hill in the country and sleep in the bed of the ute and stare at the stars
  49. Study underwater archeology
  50. Star in a movie
  51. Convince Jessica to like One Direction   


  1. Haha, you are awesome... That's one of the coolest bucket lists yet...

  2. Haha, and,um,when are you going to do all this?

  3. This is crazy and awesome! You want to go to Lithuania too? haha the last one will never happen.....:-D

  4. Kitkat! Only 26 days!
    Haha, looked at the list, you are one crazy woman.

  5. I heard from Abi that Zayn left..........Happy days!!

    1. Can you edit a comment after its been published? if so..... how?
      (sorry about the burst of comments, I'v got so much to write!)( it won't be the only one................ lol)


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