Thursday, 29 January 2015

Just some random videos

Okay, just some random videos that are really cool.....

Brave - Josh Groban

When You Say You Love Me - Josh Groban

Walking in the air - Aled Jones

Most Accurate Mood Ring - Studio C

Most Realistic Video Game of All Time - Studio C

Elevator Fail - Studio C

Meet... the George Twins

How not to Creep Out Girls - Blimey Cow 
(guys whoever read my blog (probably none) this is really true... and listen to the last 10 seconds)

The Worst Advice Ever - Jordan's Messyges

Hope you enjoy them!
God bless, 
Kitkat =)


  1. Hi Kaity!
    I haven't seen most of those before, but I know my dad listens to Josh Groban sometimes. He has a really nice voice. Sorry I haven't emailed you for ages, I've been flat-out with school and stuff lately.


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