Sunday, 13 October 2013


Okay... New post for a new month.
Our Church (Reformed Church of Palmerston North)  has just had it's 60th Anniversary! I have been here for about 10 of those 60 years.  And it also was the Grand Opening for the new building we have! The previous one, that was called Harmony House, as been demolished because it was leaky, sprawled out and old. I would have photos if I took some, but I didn't take any so I don't have them.

I've taken some photos this Spring, and so here are some them (the star is our cat, Shorty II which means all the photos are mainly of him! :D)

"Pull the other one!"

"A bird. If I want to get it, I have to stand up, walk outside, and chase thanks!"
This is so my favorite! 

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"Let me Sleep!"


Closed pear blossoms 

God Bless



  1. Great photos! You're a really good photographer!

  2. Love the photos Laura, especially the one of the pear blossoms!
    Great new blog name too!!

  3. Looks great! I thought you had taken your blog offline. ha! Found you again!
    BTW, thanks for the letter. It kept me amused for days! ;)


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