Saturday, 26 May 2012

My semi-first book review -Taking care of David by Elisabeth Batt

David is little and has no friends and Mindy likes to look after him; he is always an angel with her, though bad with everyone else he meets.
First the story starts with Mindy's father away and her mother dead. Her father comes back 3 days into the story.
When one day she gets home from school there's a post card waiting; "Why he's in England already, because it's an English stamp!" she exclaimed. All the post card said was 'Longing to see you Friday. I'm bringing a lovely surprise. Love from Daddy.'
Then she finds out the surprise: A stepmother, with her son, David.
Taking care of David is all about Mindy helping her new step brother out of all his troubles and putting him into new ones.
This book is fascinating and it's a must read book.
Review by Laura King 11&1/2  

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